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The Social Sciences Research Centre (HKUSSRC)

The Social Sciences Research Centre (HKUSSRC) is an independent research centre to undertake contract research on behalf of the Faculty of Social Sciences at The University of Hong Kong for the government, non-government organizations, universities and other institutions. The Centre has over 20 years of research experience which is now directed by Prof. John Bacon-Shone who is recognized internationally as a research methodology expert. The HKUSSRC has been commissioned by the Government and other major clients to conduct a wide range of survey research to collect public views on the various social, economic and political issues and government policies.


The Social Sciences Research Centre (HKUSSRC), established in January 1987 within the Faculty of Social Sciences at The University of Hong Kong, has the following mission objectives:

  • to promote research in general, and inter-disciplinary research in particular, both within and beyond the Faculty of Social Sciences;
  • to foster ties with research institutes outside the University;
  • to explore and make arrangements for contract research and consultancy service for Government and other outside organizations;
  • to explore external funding sources in support of research programmes in the Faculty; and
  • to serve as an information clearing house on research programmes and developments in the Faculty.

Consultancy Services

Led by the Director Professor John Bacon-Shone, the HKUSSRC has an independent and skilled research workforce to meet the above mission objectives and sees as its responsibility co-ordination and assistance in such research so that both academics and the community at large can benefit. Many of these HKUSSRC projects are collaborative ones with the leading team members drawn from faculties within the University or from other institutions and organisations. Interested parties should contact Ms. Linda Cho about initiating or participating in such consultancy services.


The HKUSSRC also participates in the University's postgraduate research programme and teaching quality review activities, e.g. Master of Philosophy and doctoral student supervision, postgraduate research methods training and student evaluation of University courses.


The HKUSSRC has excellent computing facilities, computerised form system, telephone survey and online survey systems.