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Facilities and Services

Telephone Survey


Our Telephone Survey Unit (TSU) offers a telephone interview service which can handle over 50 simultaneous interviews. The unit is supported by a bilingual computer- aided telephone interviewing system (CATI) that can handle English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese. The scope of service provided by TSU includes telephone interviews calling to local area in Hong Kong, mainland, and SE Asia. Also, the calls can be made to both fixed line numbers and mobile numbers. Our interviewers are all well-trained and capable of interview in English, Cantonese and Putonghua. We have robust quality control that can use audio recordings or random callbacks.

Form Survey

Our Form Survey Unit (FSU) offers a self-administered questionnaire survey service which is assisted by computerized design layout questionnaires and data processing. This enables a computer-aided format of bilingual questionnaires with check boxes, numbers and text, which can increase efficiency and enhance accuracy during the course of data input and processing.

Online Survey

Our online survey is a cost effective approach for collecting quantitative opinions through the internet. We can design a bilingual questionnaire in online format and create a URL for the electronic questionnaire. Individual responses are exported in a spreadsheet format while all data would be securely stored in SSRC's server for analysis.

Focus Group Discussion

A focus group discussion is a common way for collecting qualitative opinions of groups through an organized discussion of between 6 to 10 participants which is guided by semi-structured guidelines. We can handle participant recruitment, discussion guideline design and discussion moderation. Participant opinions can be written, audio recorded and analyzed using the qualitative analysis software, Nvivo.

In-depth Interview

An in-depth interview is mainly used for collecting qualitative comments from a target respondent through a detailed discussion based on a list of open-ended questions. We can invite target respondents for an interview, design the interview questions and conduct the interviews. Respondent views can be written, audio recorded and analyzed using Nvivo.

Desk Research

In addition to collecting data, we also offer desk research service to collect secondary data and published information that already exists from a large pool of resources, using the facilities of HKU library and the Internet.

Statistical Analysis

For data processing, we can do data input and cleaning, statistical tabulation, analysis and modeling using SPSS, JMP, and specialized statistical software packages.