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Student Feedback on Teaching and Learning (SFTL)

Online SFTL FAQs

Q: When & how can I complete SFTL?
A: Students who have not brought an internet-accessible device can either borrow a device from your classmate or complete the form after the class. The form does NOT have to be completed in class, but can be completed online at any time before the deadline by going to

Q: Are my data anonymous?
A: Yes, your university number is only used to help you identify which evaluations are complete and to avoid multiple evaluations of the same course. It is not linked to the evaluations and is destroyed at the deadline, so all your feedback is truly anonymous.

Q: Could any feedback affect my grades?
A: No, the feedback forms are processed by the Social Sciences Research Centre (SSRC) and not by the teaching Department/Centre. The results are not shown to teacher until after the examination process is complete, so they cannot affect your grades. The feedback is important however, to help us improve our teaching and your learning.

Q: What is a tutor?
A: The person who runs tutorials for my course, who could be a teacher or graduate student.

Q: What is a demonstrator/instructor??
A: The person who runs lab sections or field trips for my course.